The original iPhone is 7 years old, a device that revolutionized the industry

On this day of 7 years ago the North American company Apple started the revolution in the sector of smartphones with the presentation of his own, the iPhone.
The first generation iPhone was born fruit of the combination of three products “a revolutionary mobile phone, an iPod with touch control and a device that connect to the Internet easily”, according to argued the own Steve Jobs in the presentation of your phone during the MacWorld in 2007.
The original iPhone had a capacitive screen of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels at 163 pixels per inch, 2 megapixel rear camera, a core to 412 MHz, 128 MiBSD RAM and Bluetooth 2.0.
Also came out in two versions, a 4 GB for $499 and another 8 GB for $599, although since its introduction in January, he had to wait until June to get the device, until end of year for European countries reached and in 2008 landed in Asia.

Miley Cyrus And Kellan Lutz Together

Did you find Miley Cyrus substitute Liam Hemsworth? A British tabloid has blown all the alarms to publish a series of snapshots where you can see the singer getting off a private jet that landed in Miami and which came from the Bahamas, where coincidentally also lowered the actor Kellan Lutz. What do the two together? Possible partner in sight?

Are Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz an Item? Couple Arrive in Miami on Same Private Jet

Disney will have the exchica conquered with his provocation to twilight actor? Or they have simply worked together in a music video? And it is this last option is not at all far-fetched since it may be the reason why both have been together.
However, now that she is single and he does not have any commitment, romance can be viable. It seems that Miley has abandoned one of the inhabitants of the District 12 to go with the vampire Emmet of Forks.
All the reasons why the two have caught a private jet and have left with part of the team of Miley Cyrus is still unknown. Disney will have the exchica conquered with his provocation to twilight actor? Or they have simply worked together in a music video?

And it is this last option is not at all far-fetched since it may be the reason why both have been together. However, now that she is single and he does not have any commitment, romance can be viable. It seems that Miley has abandoned one of the inhabitants of the District 12 to go with the vampire Emmet of Forks.

In photos published by ABC you can see how both are rather tired by the journey, and is the singer controversy has not stopped IR performance in performance for the Christmas concerts, bringing the scandal to the stage. Neither did mention in your social networks about this trip, so rumors hover over them until any mention in this regard.

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Niall Horan, One Direction, Will Be in Fat Christmas

Although it seeks to follow a healthy diet to keep in the best physical conditions, the singer Niall Horan will skip his routine to stoke up their favorite dishes during the Christmas period.

getImgIntranet (1)_50“Now only I think of returning home with my family and not to stop eating to get fat”, said Niall laughing on their way by the US ‘X Factor’ program.

Like the rest of the members of the band One Direction, the sympathetic artist will remain together with their families – in their case, in Ireland – along dates of Christmas, feast that has always felt great predilection, especially because you can realize the traditional banquets prepared his mother Maura Gallagher.


“We enjoyed Christmas because Niall loves to be with family, and especially the lunch. We always eat Turkey, ham and vegetables. Cost me a lot prepare the menu! Although I recognize that it is a period most especially for young children. I still remember when I convinced Niall to that climb to the roof to hear the reindeer of Santa Claus. It was very funny! “, stated Maura to Star Magazine.


BlackBerry Messenger is Pre-installed on Mobile LG


BlackBerry has announced a partnership with LG which has put their hopes. The smartphone LG G Pro Lite hit the market with Blackberry Messenger installed by default.


This partnership comes two months after Blackberry launched the public version of his famous application for iOS and Android. «app» attained 10 million downloads in just 24 hours and reached 20 million in a week. There are no doubts about the quality and safety of BBM as a messaging application, but they have opened up to the market with some delay. Despite all the problems and obstacles that had Blackberry this year, is determined to prove that is alive. The Alliance with LG is an important step for the company.


“LG G Pro Lite offers an optimized experience of BBM with a large screen of high-quality, accompanied by a Stylus Pen”, said Kevin Shin, Vice President of marketing for Blackberry in Asia.


“People around the world are using BBM to connect with others and the enthusiasm was phenomenal “, said Andrew Böcking, Executive Vice President of BBM on a BlackBerry. “We are very pleased that LG Electronics will help to bring customers a smoother experience with BBM through preloading the application, starting with the G Pro Lite in key markets,” he explained.

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Samsung Makes The Competition to Consoles With Your Gamepad And This ‘Pack’

Samsung is preparing a ‘pack’ which will include a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, your Gamepad controller and an HDMI adapter to play on the TV, which compete with consoles as Ouya or Mojo Android. It is not yet known if it will come to Spain. In this way, this package will attempt to be an alternative to a console. Taking advantage of the use of MHL, it will include an adapter that will connect to the microUSB port Tablet and allow to connect a HDMI cable.
According to the German blog all about Samsung, the company would release this pack in 2014, while there is no official confirmation on the matter. It seems that Samsung wants to introduce is also in the video game market, while Android is not yet a real alternative in this sense to Sony bets, Microsoft and Nintendo.
In any case, sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to Portaltic that Google is making special efforts to make video game companies begin to adapt their qualifications to controls, something that is also happening in Apple.
In this way, is expected next year an increase of control-compatible games, something that interests many manufacturers, accessories, both of ‘smartphones’ and tablets, which are entering this field, or consoles Android manufacturers. If these intentions are materialized and are attached to the increase of the technical quality of video games for mobile, we could soon see a new rebirth in the mobile game. The price of this package still not has been revealed neither the date of departure, so you have to wait for the official confirmation from Samsung.
The Samsung Gamepad is a command that connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth and has a tab to place mobile, so the result, overall, is a device similar to a handheld console. This accessory supports devices between 4 and 6.3 inches and ‘tablets’ like the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 must be use with a pedestal or connected to a TV.


Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 Will be Upgraded to Android 4.4 At The end of January

The French operator SFR has ensured that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices be upgraded your operating system to Android 4.4 KitKat from January. The announcement occurred until Samsung officially publish it.
Samsung was forced to upgrade their devices to Android 4.3 last month, so this announcement is good news because Samsung they are working at a good pace to upgrade the operating system to the latest version.
The French operator has insured that it will give more information about the specific dates when they have more information, but so far believed that the update reached between late January and early February.

Moto G, HTC One Mini or Mini S4 Galaxy: Best Smartphones mid-range of 2013

Motoroloa_Moto_G_35831726_12_540x386Moto G is the latest addition to the lower-middle range. The phone that Motorola comes back into the Spanish market has the best value, for a very aggressive price of only 159 euros, we get a phone with a magnificent display of 4.5 inches and 329 pixels per inch, in addition we must not forget that the terminal is backed by Google and that you will receive the upgrade to Android KitKat in January.

movil2--644x362It is the mini version of the famous HTC One, one of the best mobile high-end this year with which the HTC Mini One shares its innovative camera ultrapixel and his good finish in aluminium. There is probably also the best display of the segment with 349 pixels per inch and even mini, remains larger than that of the iPhone 5, 4.3 inch.

1490947391_953810307_oAnother mini version of another super sales. Experience with the Samsung Galaxy mini is similar to his older brother but with reduced features, a screen smaller and lower-resolution, just 960 x 540 and an 8 megapixel camera instead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 13.


We Tested the Z30 BlackBerry: ideal for ‘Workaholics’ and a few Others


So understand it: one of its rivals, the LG Optimus G2, has a further 5.2 inch screen with a body more thin, small and lightweight (weighs little more than 130 grams). Its margins are due, in part, to the South Korean has narrowed the space ranging from the panel to the physical edge of the phone to the point that almost touch each other; both side edges at the top and bottom.

Not so with the Z30. The BlackBerry has enough space from the sides and above all on the part of up and down. A bug in which tend to fall other manufacturers like e.g. Nokia in its Lumia or Sony with their Xperia.

Image quality, processor and camera

In terms of the quality of the image that offers your screen it should be noted that it is not full HD, so it is a step below most high-end phones. Yet it offers close to the best performance. The colors are quite real (reminiscent of the 920 Lumia), especially in the contrast of black and white, and not uses the artificial brightness or to selective colour saturation as do other manufacturers.

The processor that includes is a Qualcomm’s 1.7 GHz quad-core and battery is 2,800 mah. Well when it comes to surfing the internet is handled in practice. However, occasionally freezes a few moments as, for example, for some more complex tasks when expands or reduces the image too fast.
The camera has 8 megapixel camera (same as that of the iPhone 5 and the Z30) and LED flash. In Teknautas we have tested it in normal non-flash, where it has behaved well, although the level of detail leaves something to be desired. The treatment that makes the color is also a little confusing.

Again compared to its rival LG Optimus G2, loses out. In this case you can see that the level of detail of the LG is better, like the contrast. At night and in low light the Z30 camera breaks down. In this case, the photographs tend to come out with too much noise and moves if there is with a tripod.

An excellent work tool, complex to manage
As we noted above, the Z30 has a multitude of applications to work, but first of all there is to notify that your operating system is really complex and requires a period of adaptation. Perform tasks such as, for example, share a single photograph from the gallery via email requires several steps, when others SO is infinitely easier.
Once this process of adaptation can be multitude of tasks as, for example, select a document from Documents To Go and send it to all the guests at a meeting scheduled on the calendar. But what is most striking is everything about your BBM messaging tool. In addition to offering a really safe and instant chat service (in fact, is the only insurance), allows you to make voice calls being heard surprisingly well even in speaker mode. Very useful because BBM can also carry out presentations on the screen which received a call from what you are doing on your own phone.
We must remember that the terminal has the famous BlackBerry Hub, a service that centralizes all conversations and notifications so that users can manage them from one place.

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The HTC Mini One, banned in the United Kingdom for Infringement of Nokia Patents

HTC will not be able to store and distribute the Mini One in the country since December 6. The terminal was designed to violate a patent of chipsets from Nokia.



The Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has today suffered a major blow in the British courts. The High Court of England and Wales ruled that the Mini One HTC has infringed one of Nokia patents and therefore should not be sold in the United Kingdom. HTC will not be able to store and distribute the terminal in the region beginning Dec. 6.
Nokia filed a complaint on October 30 on infringement of European patent number 0998024, that supposedly covers a broad number of HTC phones that use the BCM4239, BCM4330 and BCM4334 from Broadcom and the Qualcomm WR1605 chipset. The Court agreed that some of these chips, but not all, infringed the patent. Nokia Patent failure affects multiple devices from HTC, including the One, the Mini One, the One Max, the 8S and Desire 601.
htcAccording to the Court, the Mini One was designed and put on the market at a time when HTC already knew that you could be infringing Nokia patents. This makes the sale of the device much more illegitimate than the of the HTC One, which will comercialziarse next year.
HTC argued that it would be “catastrophic” to not be able to sell since the HTC One, your Android phone logo on United Kingdom. The Court accepted that block their sales will hurt HTC between now and March next year, when it will be released the successor to the HTC One, and has given the company until December 6 to appeal its decision.
While the appeal arises, HTC is committed to put an end to imports of this device in United Kingdom. If HTC can not win your appeal, all the terminals of this model will be disappearing from British shops.
A spokesman for HTC TNW informed that the company is “pending the outcome of our appeal against the validity and the violation of the patent EP 0998024 of Nokia. Although the Court also issued an injunction that affects other chipsets from other manufacturers, we have submitted an urgent request for appeal. Meanwhile, we are working with our suppliers of chips to explore alternative solutions. As always, the main objective of HTC is to support our clients and ensure minimal disruption for them and our business. Be assured that our award-winning HTC One phone will be available in the usual way”.

Sony launched in the United States.UU. The SmartWatch 2 Compatible With Android Phones

Sony released its new computerized clock, which the company said will sell for 200 dollars in the United States and will work with a variety of phones with the Android system.


The SmartWatch 2 Sony has not received the same attention from the Galaxy Gear, Samsung, but is cheaper and compatible with one wider range of phones. The Gear is sold for $300 and currently only works with Galaxy Note 3.


Unlike the Gear, however, Sony clock cannot make phone calls directly. One can respond to phone calls, but need a Bluetooth headset if you don’t want to have to approach it to the ear.


Sony said Tuesday that the clock goes on sale immediately through the company stores nationwide and on the internet. Other shops on the internet will also sell it.


To measure in which more people have multi-purpose phones and tablets, the companies in the sector are creating a new category of products to give consumers more ways to be connected… and spend money. Qualcomm Inc. plans to also launch a watch computerized for the holiday season, while it is thought that Apple is working on an iWatch.


Sony said that its clock is designed to perform common tasks such as reading text messages and email, link Facebook messages and receive reminders.

“The average user of multi-purpose phones goes to your appliance more than 100 times a day to check messages, read e-mail and notifications from social sites and, of course, to know the time,” said Ravi Nookala, President of Sony Mobile Communications in United States, in a statement. “The SmartWatch 2 facilitates these tasks, and does much more with the available applications, from productivity to games and exercises”.

SmartWatch 2 – is designed to complement a phone – especially those with Android 4.0 or later. The screen measures 1.6 inches (4 centimeters), the same as the one of the Gear.

Sony also announced at launch in the United States of two phones: Xperia Z Ultra screen 6.4 inches, which will be sold for $650, while the 4 G LTE version will be sold by 680. In addition, the Xperia Z1 is a phone with a 20.7 megapixels and interchangeable lens camera. It will sell for 670 dollars.

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