Sony launched in the United States.UU. The SmartWatch 2 Compatible With Android Phones

Sony released its new computerized clock, which the company said will sell for 200 dollars in the United States and will work with a variety of phones with the Android system.


The SmartWatch 2 Sony has not received the same attention from the Galaxy Gear, Samsung, but is cheaper and compatible with one wider range of phones. The Gear is sold for $300 and currently only works with Galaxy Note 3.


Unlike the Gear, however, Sony clock cannot make phone calls directly. One can respond to phone calls, but need a Bluetooth headset if you don’t want to have to approach it to the ear.


Sony said Tuesday that the clock goes on sale immediately through the company stores nationwide and on the internet. Other shops on the internet will also sell it.


To measure in which more people have multi-purpose phones and tablets, the companies in the sector are creating a new category of products to give consumers more ways to be connected… and spend money. Qualcomm Inc. plans to also launch a watch computerized for the holiday season, while it is thought that Apple is working on an iWatch.


Sony said that its clock is designed to perform common tasks such as reading text messages and email, link Facebook messages and receive reminders.

“The average user of multi-purpose phones goes to your appliance more than 100 times a day to check messages, read e-mail and notifications from social sites and, of course, to know the time,” said Ravi Nookala, President of Sony Mobile Communications in United States, in a statement. “The SmartWatch 2 facilitates these tasks, and does much more with the available applications, from productivity to games and exercises”.

SmartWatch 2 – is designed to complement a phone – especially those with Android 4.0 or later. The screen measures 1.6 inches (4 centimeters), the same as the one of the Gear.

Sony also announced at launch in the United States of two phones: Xperia Z Ultra screen 6.4 inches, which will be sold for $650, while the 4 G LTE version will be sold by 680. In addition, the Xperia Z1 is a phone with a 20.7 megapixels and interchangeable lens camera. It will sell for 670 dollars.

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