We Tested the Z30 BlackBerry: ideal for ‘Workaholics’ and a few Others


So understand it: one of its rivals, the LG Optimus G2, has a further 5.2 inch screen with a body more thin, small and lightweight (weighs little more than 130 grams). Its margins are due, in part, to the South Korean has narrowed the space ranging from the panel to the physical edge of the phone to the point that almost touch each other; both side edges at the top and bottom.

Not so with the Z30. The BlackBerry has enough space from the sides and above all on the part of up and down. A bug in which tend to fall other manufacturers like e.g. Nokia in its Lumia or Sony with their Xperia.

Image quality, processor and camera

In terms of the quality of the image that offers your screen it should be noted that it is not full HD, so it is a step below most high-end phones. Yet it offers close to the best performance. The colors are quite real (reminiscent of the 920 Lumia), especially in the contrast of black and white, and not uses the artificial brightness or to selective colour saturation as do other manufacturers.

The processor that includes is a Qualcomm’s 1.7 GHz quad-core and battery is 2,800 mah. Well when it comes to surfing the internet is handled in practice. However, occasionally freezes a few moments as, for example, for some more complex tasks when expands or reduces the image too fast.
The camera has 8 megapixel camera (same as that of the iPhone 5 and the Z30) and LED flash. In Teknautas we have tested it in normal non-flash, where it has behaved well, although the level of detail leaves something to be desired. The treatment that makes the color is also a little confusing.

Again compared to its rival LG Optimus G2, loses out. In this case you can see that the level of detail of the LG is better, like the contrast. At night and in low light the Z30 camera breaks down. In this case, the photographs tend to come out with too much noise and moves if there is with a tripod.

An excellent work tool, complex to manage
As we noted above, the Z30 has a multitude of applications to work, but first of all there is to notify that your operating system is really complex and requires a period of adaptation. Perform tasks such as, for example, share a single photograph from the gallery via email requires several steps, when others SO is infinitely easier.
Once this process of adaptation can be multitude of tasks as, for example, select a document from Documents To Go and send it to all the guests at a meeting scheduled on the calendar. But what is most striking is everything about your BBM messaging tool. In addition to offering a really safe and instant chat service (in fact, is the only insurance), allows you to make voice calls being heard surprisingly well even in speaker mode. Very useful because BBM can also carry out presentations on the screen which received a call from what you are doing on your own phone.
We must remember that the terminal has the famous BlackBerry Hub, a service that centralizes all conversations and notifications so that users can manage them from one place.

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