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The HTC Mini One, banned in the United Kingdom for Infringement of Nokia Patents

HTC will not be able to store and distribute the Mini One in the country since December 6. The terminal was designed to violate a patent of chipsets from Nokia.



The Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has today suffered a major blow in the British courts. The High Court of England and Wales ruled that the Mini One HTC has infringed one of Nokia patents and therefore should not be sold in the United Kingdom. HTC will not be able to store and distribute the terminal in the region beginning Dec. 6.
Nokia filed a complaint on October 30 on infringement of European patent number 0998024, that supposedly covers a broad number of HTC phones that use the BCM4239, BCM4330 and BCM4334 from Broadcom and the Qualcomm WR1605 chipset. The Court agreed that some of these chips, but not all, infringed the patent. Nokia Patent failure affects multiple devices from HTC, including the One, the Mini One, the One Max, the 8S and Desire 601.
htcAccording to the Court, the Mini One was designed and put on the market at a time when HTC already knew that you could be infringing Nokia patents. This makes the sale of the device much more illegitimate than the of the HTC One, which will comercialziarse next year.
HTC argued that it would be “catastrophic” to not be able to sell since the HTC One, your Android phone logo on United Kingdom. The Court accepted that block their sales will hurt HTC between now and March next year, when it will be released the successor to the HTC One, and has given the company until December 6 to appeal its decision.
While the appeal arises, HTC is committed to put an end to imports of this device in United Kingdom. If HTC can not win your appeal, all the terminals of this model will be disappearing from British shops.
A spokesman for HTC TNW informed that the company is “pending the outcome of our appeal against the validity and the violation of the patent EP 0998024 of Nokia. Although the Court also issued an injunction that affects other chipsets from other manufacturers, we have submitted an urgent request for appeal. Meanwhile, we are working with our suppliers of chips to explore alternative solutions. As always, the main objective of HTC is to support our clients and ensure minimal disruption for them and our business. Be assured that our award-winning HTC One phone will be available in the usual way”.