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Watch Pebble Will Contact iOS 7

Pebble has announced that your smart watch can receive notifications of devices with OS 7 Apple’s iOS.
Pebble, which started production with funding from Kickstarter, has sold more than 190,000 units priced at $150. After more than one year in operation, the company of Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) has announced a second version of its operating system SDK, which will facilitate the creation of applications developers.
Eric Migicovsky created at home this clock, which must compete with giants as Sony (Smartwatch) or Samsung (Galaxy Gear), which have already launched their own models, in both cases with Android technology.
Adoption of the system 7 iOS is a good boost for this clock, which was with its own operating system in no man’s land without possibility to receive notices from Android or iOS phones. Now you can receive notices of calls, texts and emails, but also applications, Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp and Flipboard among others that have 7 iOS system.
According to Pebble, at this time you have registered more than 10,000 developers of applications, more than two million downloads and over 2,000 screens to watch designs.

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