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BlackBerry Messenger is Pre-installed on Mobile LG


BlackBerry has announced a partnership with LG which has put their hopes. The smartphone LG G Pro Lite hit the market with Blackberry Messenger installed by default.


This partnership comes two months after Blackberry launched the public version of his famous application for iOS and Android. «app» attained 10 million downloads in just 24 hours and reached 20 million in a week. There are no doubts about the quality and safety of BBM as a messaging application, but they have opened up to the market with some delay. Despite all the problems and obstacles that had Blackberry this year, is determined to prove that is alive. The Alliance with LG is an important step for the company.


“LG G Pro Lite offers an optimized experience of BBM with a large screen of high-quality, accompanied by a Stylus Pen”, said Kevin Shin, Vice President of marketing for Blackberry in Asia.


“People around the world are using BBM to connect with others and the enthusiasm was phenomenal “, said Andrew Böcking, Executive Vice President of BBM on a BlackBerry. “We are very pleased that LG Electronics will help to bring customers a smoother experience with BBM through preloading the application, starting with the G Pro Lite in key markets,” he explained.

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