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Samsung Makes The Competition to Consoles With Your Gamepad And This ‘Pack’

Samsung is preparing a ‘pack’ which will include a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, your Gamepad controller and an HDMI adapter to play on the TV, which compete with consoles as Ouya or Mojo Android. It is not yet known if it will come to Spain. In this way, this package will attempt to be an alternative to a console. Taking advantage of the use of MHL, it will include an adapter that will connect to the microUSB port Tablet and allow to connect a HDMI cable.
According to the German blog all about Samsung, the company would release this pack in 2014, while there is no official confirmation on the matter. It seems that Samsung wants to introduce is also in the video game market, while Android is not yet a real alternative in this sense to Sony bets, Microsoft and Nintendo.
In any case, sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to Portaltic that Google is making special efforts to make video game companies begin to adapt their qualifications to controls, something that is also happening in Apple.
In this way, is expected next year an increase of control-compatible games, something that interests many manufacturers, accessories, both of ‘smartphones’ and tablets, which are entering this field, or consoles Android manufacturers. If these intentions are materialized and are attached to the increase of the technical quality of video games for mobile, we could soon see a new rebirth in the mobile game. The price of this package still not has been revealed neither the date of departure, so you have to wait for the official confirmation from Samsung.
The Samsung Gamepad is a command that connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth and has a tab to place mobile, so the result, overall, is a device similar to a handheld console. This accessory supports devices between 4 and 6.3 inches and ‘tablets’ like the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 must be use with a pedestal or connected to a TV.