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Ten Hidden Features In iOS 7

The launch on 18 September IOS 7, the new version of the operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, has surprised many users, due to changes in the graphic aspect of the system, in the submission of applications and the way they interact with these. This article reveals some minor functions, or not advertised by the American multinational, which, however, worthwhile to know its advantages.


  1.  Increase font. In the menu “Settings/General/accessibility”, there is a function to activate the text in bold. In this way, the thickness of the font, is increased allowing better visualization for your reading. But so that the changes are applied, it is necessary to restart the device. Also in the menu “Settings/General/accessibility/larger font” and in “Settings/General/size of text”, you can change the font size in applications that support the new API of iOS 7 for this function. These options also enlarge the letter of the operating system.
  2.  Search. “Spotlight” search function has changed with respect to the previous version of iOS. Before, this was an independent of the apps screen. Now, the search box is activated by sliding a finger down from any program in which the user is.
  3.  Control of advertising tracking. Since iOS 6, the operating system has a functionality to display ads related, applications based on the previous user activity. On iOS 6 the option of limiting data collection was something hidden. IO7 has been added in the menu “Settings/Privacy/advertising” option.
  4.  Block contacts on iPhone. In the menu “Settings/phone/contacts blocked” you can manage the contacts from the phone book to which you want to them a policy of calls. In this way, you can block calls, messages and calls by incoming Facetime coming from a certain number.
  5.  Mobile data. IOS 7 has improved the way of managing the use of mobile data by apps installed on the device. In the menu “Settings/mobile data”, it is possible to indicate the applications that can make use of data via a mobile connection or using wifi. In this way, programs that perform an intensive use of data can be blocked when the user is disabled.
  6.  Management of the Centre of notifications. From the menu “settings/notifications Center” operating system communications can be organized more efficiently. Users can indicate whether they want to receive these notices with locked screen as well as the types of notes to be displayed at any time. In this way, you can block notices and reminders of the agenda.
  7.  Enable / disable automatic updating of applications. One of the new features of iOS 7 is the possibility of allowing the operating system to update apps downloaded through the App Store. In this way, users save the task of having to update them manually each time that appears a new update of one of its applications. This feature can be managed to enable or disable it through the menu option “settings/iTunes Store and App Store”. It also applies to books and music downloads from corresponding stores.
  8.  Disable frequent locations. iOS 7 saves automatically more frequent locations of the user, so that the terminal can display information more quickly, as your position on the map. This function can be disabled so that Apple do not store the device in positions that the user moves. The option is located in the menu “Settings/Privacy/location/services system/locations FAQ”.
  9.  Predefined routes. In the menu “Settings/maps/predefined routes”, you can select the native maps application to teach us by default routes to a destination by car or on foot. Thus, users can get a ride in your travel routine, without having to modify the parameter whenever they make use of maps.
  10.  Turn off the screen’s movement. One of the new features in iOS 7 is the movement of the graphical environment using the parallax effect. However, this function consumes resources and battery in the devices. Its movement can be reduced through the option in the menu “Settings/General/accessibility/reduce movement”.