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Niall Horan, One Direction, Will Be in Fat Christmas

Although it seeks to follow a healthy diet to keep in the best physical conditions, the singer Niall Horan will skip his routine to stoke up their favorite dishes during the Christmas period.

getImgIntranet (1)_50“Now only I think of returning home with my family and not to stop eating to get fat”, said Niall laughing on their way by the US ‘X Factor’ program.

Like the rest of the members of the band One Direction, the sympathetic artist will remain together with their families – in their case, in Ireland – along dates of Christmas, feast that has always felt great predilection, especially because you can realize the traditional banquets prepared his mother Maura Gallagher.


“We enjoyed Christmas because Niall loves to be with family, and especially the lunch. We always eat Turkey, ham and vegetables. Cost me a lot prepare the menu! Although I recognize that it is a period most especially for young children. I still remember when I convinced Niall to that climb to the roof to hear the reindeer of Santa Claus. It was very funny! “, stated Maura to Star Magazine.