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Differences Between The Air iPad and The iPad Mini Retina, The New Apple Tablet



Comparing their widths, iPad Mini remains easier portability than the Air iPad. Given its lightness the Air iPad is ideal to read electronic books or watch movies without compromising the doll. Discover more differences between the new Tablet from Apple.

The new Tablet from Apple, iPad Air and Mini iPad with Retina display present interesting new features with respect to its predecessors, as processor A7, high connectivity MIMO technology, or a high definition screen. However, the small variation of price among them, 90 euros in the most basic models, makes the purchase of one decision or another not limiting to be opt between a small tablet and other large, since practical considerations must be taken into account. From Consumer exposed the main technical aspects of the Air iPad and the iPad Mini Retina, so that each user can optimize your choice. Dimensions: on the iPad Air, as its name suggests, the new star is its thinness compared to the previous iPad model: its thickness is 20% smaller, making it thinner large tablet on the market with 7.5 mm thick. Its surface is 24 cm high and 16.9 inches wide; in width, has lost an inch compared to the previous model without changing your screen surface, because the framework is 43% thinner. The mini iPad with Retina display has a thickness of 7.5 millimeters (equal to the Air iPad), its height is 20 cm and the width of 13.47 inches, as in the previous model. If their widths are compared, the iPad Mini is still easier portability than the Air iPad, and that both have a format of 4:3 screen not so appropriate for the human hand as the Google Nexus range 16:9. Weight: another great trick of the Air iPad is having become the large Tablet lighter market, thanks to a reduction in its size and the materials used in its manufacture: 454 grams in the basic model with 16 gigabytes of memory and wifi connectivity. With its size, this weight makes it ideal to carry in any purse or Briefcase without that barely noticeable presence; also its lightness, is, given it to read electronic books or see movies and series, the wrist or the arm too resent. Both the Air iPad and the iPad with Retina Mini presented news in conectividadEl Mini iPad with Retina display wins in high resolution of the images and texts showing, but pays it with a weight gain, climbing to 331 grams in the basic model. If you choose a model with connectivity to mobile data LTE networks, its weight is 341 grams. The relationship of this weight with respect to the surface of the screen, 7.9 inches, makes it not recommended for the tasks referred to in the previous paragraph, unless you wish to use almost always away from home or office, whereupon the weight plays in its favour. Screen: the screen of the iPad Air does not vary with respect to previous models and remains at 9.7 inches. Its resolution was already on the iPad from the latest generation of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels: HD and screen Retina. It preserves these standards, allowing you to have a good experience of reading and viewing of videos. In the case of the iPad Mini Retina display technology and its high resolution, equal to the Air iPad, it is a significant gain, because it supposed to give a good reading experience a very portable tablet and not while viewing in the usual places. This becomes the best alternative to a classic eBook reader to this Ipad and allows you to compete in the market of the phablets, although not stop making voice calls. Connectivity: both the Air iPad and the iPad with Retina Mini present developments in this field. Both tablets offer a dual hub wifi for frequencies in the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz, in addition to MIMO technology, which Apple, accelerating the uptake of wireless networks. These features enable them to connect to the network with greater speed and efficiency. With respect to mobile data networks, both models have versions with connectivity to LTE, on the other hand, increase them significantly. However, the more affordable version of iPad Air with LTE has a price of 629 euros, while version LTE iPad with Retina Mini is located at 509 euros, which makes it to be an interesting option as exteriors of high-end tablet. Processor and autonomy: here both tablets are on equal terms with the new A7 (the same one that has the iPhone 5S) processor with a 64-bit architecture, far superior to the previous ones, with 32-bit architecture. It is not clear what can serve so much power of processing in a Tablet, since 64-bit processors have been until now for video games and industrial graphics tasks, but looking to the innovations of the future, it is always better to have the maximum power that can pay for the Pocket. In addition, to compensate for this waste of processing power, both models incorporate coprocessor M7, responsible for managing the applications as is e.g.

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